Ferarri 308 gts

How will you use your 308?

In the book Ferrari 308 Series Buyer’s Guide & Owner’s Guide, a good question is asked about “how will you use your 308?” Before you decide on a car, it would be good to ask yourself questions like, Do you want to “show your car”? If so, then originality, and appearance is going to be…

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Ferrari 308, Ferrari 308 GTS, Ferrari 308 GTB,

Ran across a great reference book!

In researching info. on the history of the Ferrari 308 GTS, I purchased a great little book. If you are familiar with the goings on of the “on-line” Ferrari world, no doubt you have heard of the social blog “”. well, the originator of the site, Stephan Cook, wrote a comprehensive book in 2007 about the…

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Cost of maintaining your Ferrari 308 GTS

The first thing you must realize, or understand, is that owning a 26 year old(at the youngest) Ferrari 308 is not like owning a 26 year old toyota. The “social cache” of being able to say “I drive a Ferrari” means that you at least have the money to be able to properly care for…

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Which Ferrari 308 GTS should I buy?

So you have decided to purchase a Ferrari 308 GTS, and now wonder which type you should choose. Lets start with what is available. There are what we can call three categories of 308 GTS to choose from, each having their own pros and cons.   Carb. cars – 1977-1980 2 valve fuel injected cars…

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